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Grain Carts

Brandt grain carts deliver legendary dependability, productivity, and cost-efficiency; the hardest working, most efficient units in the industry, every single day.


XR Series

Keep your combines rolling at full speed with Brandt XR-Series grain carts.

With their high-capacity 20" discharge auger, XR-Series carts quickly and completely fill the trailer, saving you valuable time during harvest. And, the smooth tank is designed without ledges or catch-points to ensure thorough cleanout, allowing you to quickly change from one crop to another.

Single-Auger Grain Carts

Capacity Range:  850 - 1,300 Bushels
Unload Rate:  Up to 620 (bu/min)
Auger Diameter: 20" - 22"

Outstanding Visibility

  • Extra-long auger reach gives you additional clearance and visibility for easy positioning to unload.

  • Fully adjustable discharge spout rotates 105° and is 34” closer to the tractor cab.

  • Auger placement allows operator to maintain maximum forward visibility while directing grain flow.

High-Efficiency Tank Design

  • Tank is constructed with steep angles, no ledges or catch points, and triangular support brackets.

  • Grain flows smoothly and steadily out of the cart, ensuring thorough cleanout on every unload cycle.

  • Wheel-operated cleanout door makes it easy to clean the auger sump while ensuring a leak-free seal.

Multiple Undercarriage Options

  • Available with standard tires, extreme flotation tires or Brandt's purpose-built track system.

  • Extreme flotation tire options deliver significantly lower ground compaction for less cost.

  • 1322XR model is also available with walking-beam tandem tires to handle rough or uneven terrain.

  • Brandt track system delivers the ultimate in flotation and reduced soil disturbance/compaction.


XR Series Specifications


XT Series

The all-new XT GrainCart from Brandt delivers the productivity you count on – and a whole lot more.

Loading and unloading grain is easier than ever with the all-new XT Grain Carts from Brandt. These carts use simple innovations to eliminate common delays, helping you work faster and keep your combines moving.

Single-Auger Grain Carts

Capacity Range:  850 - 1,500 Bushels
Unload Rate:  Up to 600 (bu/min)
Auger Diameter: 20"

Unmatched Three-Dimensional Auger Reach

  • Most forward auger reach, side auger reach, and discharge spout clearance in the industry

  • Superior reach and clearance make positioning fast and easy so you get more done in less time

  • Clear forward visibility from the tractor cab to the four-direction discharge spout

  • Increased comfort means less operator fatigue and greater safety and productivity for longer periods

User-Friendly Design

  • Minimizes the risk of damage during operation, protecting your equipment and lowering your operating costs

  • Low-profile tank and tarp design reduce overall height, for safer, easier positioning under the combine auger’s spout

  • Additional clearance between the cart and the combine auger allows for safer operation on uneven terrain

  • Integrates seamlessly with combines and truck/trailer for more efficient crop movement

Cleanout-Optimized Tank Design

  • Tank utilizes a steep-sloped interior that eliminates the ledges and catch-points

  • Tank is specially engineered to minimize changeover time when switching crops

  • Low-abrasion powder-coat finish, inside and out, facilitates complete crop cleanout

  • Ground-level access doors allow safe, easy tank entry for maintenance


XT Series Specifications


DXR Series

Productivity x2.

Brandt’s dual-auger DXR-Series grain carts, available in 1150, 1500, and 2000-bushel sizes, deliver full capacity with any product, under any conditions; ensuring maximum productivity with minimum downtime. These top-performers are built to keep up with the rigorous demands of a fast-paced harvest.

Dual-Auger Grain Carts

Capacity Range:  1,150 - 2,000 Bushels
Unload Rate:  Up to 800 (bu/min)
Auger Diameter: 20"

Dual Auger Configuration

  • Belt-driven 20” floor auger and heavy-duty, 22” vertical auger unload at up to 800 bu/min.

  • Vertical auger has industry-leading range of motion in height adjustment with over 7 ft of travel.

  • Optional joystick-controlled spout enables rotation for precise front-to-back and in-and-out movement.

Digital Measurement Systems

  • Keep track of your harvest with multiple Digi-Star scale systems to fit your data management needs.

  • Autolog automatically starts capturing detailed data the minute you engage the tractor's PTO.

  • Auto Unload automatically stops when you hit a pre-set load to ensure you don’t overfill the truck.

  • GPS module records load/unload locations while moisture sensors monitor dry bushel weight.

Multiple Undercarriage Options

  • Available with standard tires, extreme flotation tires or Brandt's purpose-built track system.

  • Hydraulic steering allows you to leave unit in float position in the field to follow the tractor.

  • Manually control steering to maneuver unit in tight places or around sharp corners.

  • Brandt track system delivers the ultimate in flotation and reduced soil disturbance/compaction.


DXR Series Specifications


XT Series Specifications

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