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Subsurface Drainage System photo
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Subsurface Drainage System

Working Depths to 60"

Subsurface drain your fields for much lower cost per acre than tile drainage.

No need to install expensive tile drainage.

120" wheel centres for row crop use

Hydraulic safety trip system

LIDAR Compatible

Operate using SD DRAIN - Simple Dynamic Drainage Solution (view below)

Tiling Package image - SD Drain Tile Software
SD Drain - Simple Dynamic Drainage Solutio logo

SD DRAIN - Simple Dynamic Drainage Solution

TILE - Automatic RTK GPS Tile Plow Control

Survey Downhill

  • Real time profile generation

  • Option to Pause/Resume Survey

  • Design Line Best Fit function

  • Simple edit functions for Design Line

Tile Uphill

  • On the go Auto Redesign

Miltiple Views

  • Profile

  • Overhead

  • 3D Topography Map

Export Shape File of Finished Field

Laser Function

Save, Recall & Import Benchmarks

Preplan Tile Lines in ADMS

Import Preplanned Lines

SD Tile Recognizes individual line parameters

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