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Bourgault Product Catalogue

Harrows & Packers

4100 Wing Type Packers

A Versatile and Economical Packer System

The Bourgault Model 4100 Wing Type Packer is an excellent tool for farmers who wish to incorporate mechanical weed kill and general tillage into a one-pass seeding operation.


XR Series Harrows

XR771 & XR751 eXtended Range Harrows

eXtend YOUR Harrowing Capability

The Bourgault XR Series Harrows eXtend beyond the capability of current harrows on the market, incorporating user-friendly features to achieve consistent residue management results, verified over and over by XR Operators.


ADF (Adjustable Down Force)

The primary ground-breaking advancement that sets the Bourgault eXtended Range harrow series apart from the competition is the patented, in-cab Adjustable Down Force (ADF) system.  This design employs hydraulically controlled down force or up force to each harrow section ensuring a uniform field finish even when contouring to the extremes.  ADF ensures that the down force of the harrow section:

  1. is constant regardless of contour position,

  2. is isolated from other adjustments, and,

  3. is easily adjustable via hydraulic pressure.

The ADF can be manually set on the hitch of the harrow, or available with a convenient in-cab 415 Control Box option for on the go adjustments.

Get more details on the operational guidelines for the XR Series harrows.
XR Harrow Settings Guideline

Outstanding Features

  • The XR Harrows employ an 8" x 8" fixed height frame design with 10 foot wide independent sections that are connected to the booms with parallel arms.

  • Standard 10' harrow sections each have 26" of independent vertical travel for even results even in extreme contouring land.

  • Hydraulically controlled boom wheels allow the operator to greatly reduce distance to fold and unfold the unit.

  • The XR Series Harrows are build on a durable cart & boom design constructed with a reliable auto-fold design.

  • The XR771 and XR751 are equipped with a solid pull arm system to provide better control folding and unfolding, plus improves wing stability in fields with hills.

Effective Tine Options

  •  The XR771 is equipped with 7 rows of ½" x 22" tines creating an effective 1.43" spacing across the entire unit.  Producers can choose between carbide infused tines on the front 2 rows and regular tines on the rear 5, or carbide infused tines across all 7 rows.

  • The XR751 features 5 rows of 5/8" x 26" tines for an effective row spacing of 2.4".  Select the carbide 5/8" x 26" tines for extended service life.

Large Tires Provide Exceptional Flotation

The XR771 & XR751 Harrow is grounded with large, hi-flotation 21.5 x 16.1 main frame tires, as well as 13.5 x 15FI duals on its wings providing unprecedented flotation for a harrow bar.  The wing dual wheels are mounted in board to avoid field hazards such as posts, trees and rock piles. 

Hydraulic Jack Option

An optional hydraulic jack provides the operator an easy method of lining up the harrow tongue to the tractor hitch.  Once the remote is activated in the tractor, the operator can use a valve located on the hitch to adjust the height.

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