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Bourgault Product Catalogue



8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator

Durable & Versatile

The 8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator is one of the most versatile farming implements available. No other implement can be set up for tillage, then reconfigured into an effective seeding system. The clean and simple floating hitch design, durable construction and superior residue flow characteristics have made this tool bar a mainstay throughout the small grain regions.

8910 Culti-Drill™ - Configure the 8910 for one-pass seeding!


9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow

The Ultimate in Flexibility and Durability.

The 9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow is the ultimate in durability and flexibility allowing you the capability to till or seed!

The 9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow supplements the current 9400 series by offering a newly designed tillage unit in 56, 60, 66 and 70 foot working widths. 

Built to work with today's high horse power tractors, the 9500 has an improved hitch design and strengthened frame to accommodate large towed units such as a Bourgault 7000 Series air seeder or large anhydrous tank and still provide years of trouble-free service.

The 9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow provides excellent flotation, with mainframe bogies equipped with 380/55R 16.5 FS24 radials and all other tires are 13.5L x 15FI.  Single casters are positioned on the wing fronts and walking duals are found on the mainframe front and in-frame across the machine.

The walking axles are designed with the pivot similar to the dual walking casters on Bourgault hoe drills, and the stance narrower and deeper like the 8910 axles.  The mainframe in-frame running gear assembly has a parallel arm arrangement for increased strength and improved contouring of the walking axle.


SPS 360 Soil Prep System

The SPS 360TM primary tillage system is designed to process troublesome fields to seed-ready, often in one pass.*  Unlike all disk soil processors, the SPS 360TMcan be equipped with fertilizer appication kits so you can put fertilizer down while preparing your fields.

It's important for Producers to do their homework in order to make the right choice for a seedbed preparation system.  With the volume of (often conflicting) information available on the ever growing list of soil prep systems, it is easy to get confused.

Years of seasonally wet seeding conditions have spawned an excess of soil engaging equipment each with one or two capabilities in field preparation.  Bourgault is excited to offer the SPS 360, a complete soil prep system that gets the field ready in a single-pass.* 

The SPS Soil Prep Systems use a combination ground engaging sections to prepare the soil:

SPS 360 Sections

Cutting Coulters

Heavy-Duty Shanks

Primary Finishing Section (mounted harrows)

Secondary Finishing Section (baskets or mounted harrows)

The SPS 360 designed to distribute and incorporate heavy straw while also breaking up clumps and re-leveling and firming the soil.  The ability to engage any combination of sections allows producers to tailor the operation to match specific conditions.

  • Designed for the Extremes - the SPS 360 is durably designed incorporating a robust frame comprised of heavy 6" x 4" frame for outstanding strength,

  • Parallel arm front casters and rear walking axles increase strength and obstacle clearance.

  • Large, 21.5 x 16.1 tires provide good flotation and reduced rolling resistance in wet/soft ground (main frame rear tires are 16.5 x 16.1 for improved load rating).

  • Granular Fertilizer Application Kits for 6 & 8 port systems are available, producers can also install after market liquid or NH3 application kits.

* the SPS 360 Soil Prep System produces excellent results in a single-pass in most field conditions.
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