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Alforex Seeds™


AFL 469  (click for information)


  • For growers who aggressively managed their established alfalfa acres to maximize milk per acre

  • An 11% yield advantage versus PGI 557

  • FastGrowth ability shaves 3 to 5 days off the time between harvests to maximize seasonal yield

  • Carries a strong, multiple-pest package to protect fast-growing plants and aggressively-managed acres


  • Fast-growing variety for production areas that use fall dormancy 4 and 5 alfalfas, and when four or more cuts are expected each season

  • Average seeding year yield performance when spring direct seeded

  • Very early harvest maturity; reaches late bud or early flower 3 to 5 days ahead of most dormant alfalfas

  • Very fast green-up after harvest and accelerated growth to harvest maturity


405 BRANDED  (click for information)


  • Blend of proprietary alfalfa varieties for fields or situations when “the best” isn’t necessary but value is


  • Adapted to production geographies where fall dormancy 3 to 5 varieties are recommended

Appearance at Harvest Maturity

  • Appearance will vary depending upon the proprietary components selected

Alforex Seeds
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