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Park Place Lawn Seed Mixure bag

PARK PLACE LAWN SEED MIXTURE (click for information)

Park Place grass seed mix is our best all-around general lawn see mix that will make you the envy of the neighborhood. Park Place grass seed mix contains tough turf grass species for a dense, medium textured lawn.

  • Economical grass seed mix designed for sun and light shade

  • Fast to establish and easy to maintain

  • Able to perform under varying conditions

Quick-2-Gro Lawn Seed Mixture bag

QUICK-2-GRO LAWN SEED MIXTURE (click for information)

Quick-2-Gro grass seed mix is an economical turf grass seed mix for full sun to light shade.

  • Grass Seed Mix performs well in full sun to light shade

  • Germinates quickly and grows rapidly

  • Excellent choice when fast results are required

  • Will also perform on damp sites

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