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Roundup Ready Corn chart

21N78 RR2

  • Tremendous root strength, and extremely responsive to high yielding environments and irrigation.

  • Dent-by-dent hybrid with fast drydown.

  • Plant at high populations for positive yield response.

  • Very solid late-season plant health for an early hybrid.

  • Most dependable hybrid in its maturity.

Vt2PRO chart

71D83 VT2PRO

  • This hybrid expresses its maturity more like an 81-day.

  • Heavy test weight leads to good grain quality with no test weight discounts.

  • Plant on productive soils with high population.

  • Sturdy stalks and late season health means girthy ears with fast drydown for ease of harvest.

  • Great top-end yield potential.


Libety Link chart

L01-14 LL

  • Great IDC means this bean handles sour ground well.

  • Top yields in the early market.

  • Big seed for big yields.


Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeans chart

16R008N RR2Y

  • Earliest soybean with the Rps3a+1c gene.

  • Brings a big yield bump to the 00 maturity group.

  • Handles variable soils outside the valley.

Roundup Ready 2 Yield Soybeas - Early Group chart

16R01 RR2Y

  • Full launch of the 11R01 replacement.

  • Attractive lateral branches.

  • Terrific IDC tolerance for ease of placement.

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