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Prairie Brand®


POWERPICK 3058 (click for information)

  • Outstanding stress tolerance for western adaptation

  • Full flex ear for low-to-moderate populations needs

  • Intact plant late-season and consistent ear

  • Consistent multi-year, top-end performance

POWERPICK 3218 (click for information)

  • Consistent performance across regions and environments

  • Excels in high yield environments

  • Semi-flex ear for moderate population flexibility

  • Position on rotated top-end potential acres


PB-00856R2  (click for information)

  • Big time product that delivers great yields across soil types

  • Good overall disease tolerance and ability to handle excess moisture very well

  • Stacked Phytophthora genes deliver unmatched protection on heavy clay soils

  • Features PI88788 SCN resistance

PB-0240R2 (click for information)

  • Reliable performance a cross countless environments and growing conditions

  • Taller plant allows use on both tight clays and lighter

  • Industry-leading Iron Chlorosis tolerance

  • Great southern movement with this soybean

Prairie Brand
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