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Tire Grabber
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The TireGrabber's unique design allows customers to simply and easily attach our product onto any existing hydraulic system.  The TireGrabber's user friendly wrist-like action can move in any direction to pick up, swing or rotate tires using a three-point pressure system that reduces wear and tear and increases safety.


Set tire upright, store them flat or move them across your warehouse or property without ever having to manually lift or roll them.  Our automated system lowers the risk of injury to staff and visitors at your site as well as improving efficiency and decreasing the potential of damaged tires or machinery.


The TireGrabber is suitable for numerous equipment types and can lift up to 3300 or 4000 lbs depending on the model and grab tires up to 88 inches wide.  From tractors and combines to forklifts and excavators -- The TireGrabber has got you covered.

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