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Ag Shield Cross Augers

When harvesting pulse crops, Ag Shield Cross Augers provide the most efficient and

cost-effective experience on the market. With unique features like our Flex-End™ Technology;

Patented Stripper Bar; Swept-Back Paddles and compatibility with almost any Draper model

available, Ag Shield Cross Augers outperform the competition.



  • Cross Augers are ideal for improving your harvest while working high-volume crops that are harder to feed such as peas, canola, forages, mustard, etc. The auger helps move tall and bushy crop into the center of the combine header quickly. 

  • Ag Shield Cross Augers offer unique-to-market features such as our Patented Stripper Bar that directs crop into the auger faster for optimal flow and increased combine speed.

  • Ag Shield's Swept-Back Paddle design prevents wrapping at the bullet auger (competing augers with straight paddles tend to cause wrapping around the auger).


  • Our patented Flex-End™ design features a Center Chain Coupler, eliminating the need for grease.

  • No more high-wear parts like u-joints to have to deal with.

  • Flex-End™ connection between the header and the auger ensures seamless movement while in operation, effectively minimizing risk of damage.



  • Ag Shield manufacturers cross auger kits for ALL makes, models and lengths of swather and combine headers.

  • Our Flex-End™ technology enables the Ag Shield Cross Auger to be compatible with both flex and rigid drapers.

  • The Flex-End™ Cross Auger offers universal compatibility between models of the same length of header (ie. our 40' cross auger fits ALL MacDon 40' FlexDraper and Draper headers from the past 15 years). 

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