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Equipment Solutions


The TireGrabber is suitable for numerous Equipment types and can lift up to 3300 lbs and grab tires up to 88 inches wide. From tractors and combines to forklifts and excavators.

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Agricultural Rubber Tracks

Representing a durable and high-performance alternative for Quadtrac owners, the track's clean, compression moulded design and its specialized heat management profile combine to make this an indispensable track.

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Truflex Land Roller

Truflex Land Roller is designed with today's farmer in mind, with several working widths and a hydraulic floating hitch.

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ATV Drainage Wheels

High volume water drainage wheels provide a fast economical drainage solution, allowing you to effectively remove standing water from your land.

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Subsurface Drainage

Subsurface drain your fields for much lower cost per acre than tile drainage.

Operates using SD DRAIN - Simple Dynamic Drainage Solution

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John Deere 40 Series - Sprayer Boom Extensions

132 ft. spraying width

Pressed Aluminum Construction /

        No welds to crack

Reduces in-crop tracking

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High Clearance Sprayer Jacks

Fast, easy and safe way to change tires.

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Mechanical Driven Rape Side Knife

Separate side knife with purely mechanical drive for attachment to conventional cutting platforms without table extension or vario headers.

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Ag Shield Cross Augers

When harvesting pulse crops, Ag Shield Cross Augers provide the most efficient and cost-effective experience on the market. 

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